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Since I was born I had always been fond of music, but after playing the cornet at age 9 and then teaching myself piano since age 10, I grew to composing songs within a digital audio workstation. My skillset has improved since using Garageband loops,  and am now creating a wide range of different high standard compositions and songs as well using Logic Pro X. More of my work can also be heard in my editing and animation projects.

Forgotten – Bex (2020)

A project I worked on with Bex. The style was inspired by some of Billie Eilish’s  music and the lyrics inspired by very real thoughts experienced, especially amongst young teenagers. It puts a creepier take on it but using vocal amps and some creepy effects really works.

Unnamed Pop RnB Track (2020)

A much happier RnB Track. I was inspired by artists such as Mabel and RAMZ and Not3s with this style of beat, and hope to eventually get vocals which match the vibe of the song.

Rap Beats *NEW*

Samples of brand new rap instrumentals I have created.

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Edge Of The Universe (2019)

After spending a weekend at “Devon Analogue” Studio, I had created a few short demo’s of tracks using the synths and drum machines provided at the studio, and this track was easily my favourite of the bunch. This particular track makes great use of the “Novation Peak” as well as the ARP2600, Roland 808 and the 909. I brought it home and over the space of a couple months, helped create this masterpiece of a track. The vocals was tricky however. I had a placeholder by using “Center of the Universe” by Axwell which fit beautifully but didn’t want to release it with these vocals, so I wrote up a few vocals to use. THEN I decided to have a go at using a text to speech placeholder and then using a vocal transformer to manually pitch shift and time shift all the individual words. Now with a lot of work and tweaking this ended up sounding much better than it should’ve, and until I can get the vocals re recorded by someone else, this extremely weird but amazing placeholder will have to do.

Blazed In A Hallway (2019)

An initially much more chilled piece which turned into a bit of a bigger and progressive more outrageous tune, but still keeping the more chill vibe. I enjoyed making this piece but because it was so chilled but also a bit out there, I kept picturing someone having a trip sitting in a hallway listening to it, therefore the name made sense.

Sing Me To Sleep Cinematic Remix (2019)

A cinematic cover of Alan Walker’s Sing Me To Sleep featuring Iselin Solheim. I needed a cinematic song for the edit of a montage video, and after editing the main tune of the track, I came across this song and felt the acapella fit perfectly. I am extremely proud of how the piece turned out.

Long Way ft Bex (2018)

A piece inspired by the relationship between me and my long term girlfriend, I created this beat during my free time in Portugal (where I went without my girlfriend). The beat was inspired by typical modern pop songs with an upbeat and still romantic melody, and a filtered piano for the chords. I wrote the lyrics with expressing the connection of importance of long term relationships, and then sang and recorded the duet with her.

Guinea Pigs In Space (2018)

Inspired entirely from a tune I whistled in the kitchen out of nowhere, which I loved, then forgot, then after a week remembered again, as soon as I remembered I ran upstairs and recorded it super quickly. The development came from inspiration from a lot of modern pop/trap songs. The mix is very full and consists of many layers which make the track feel spacious and experimental, hence the name.

Last Ones ft Niamh (2019)

A piece with a long time in the making since 2018, and recorded with my sister’s vocals, this was  based off a riff I thought of on the spot and instantly had to record it. My intention was to use this for a motion graphics project which never got made, so was turned into a full song. This song is very layered and somewhat based off modern trap songs. I recently recovered this project and had another go at mixing it, and made it sound much more sophisticated and polished. Although in my opinion this song is in now way finished, the results so far are extremely promising.

It’s on you (2017)

A beat somewhat inspired by Tchami’s house style, I developed this with very minimal tracks and with a beat with one looped single percussion sound. I then incorporated logic vocal loops which I pieced together and modified slightly, creating the vocals, intended as a placeholder but never got filled.

Advert Instrumental

This was piece was based around stereotypical advert music, and for multiple different filming projects, I needed to include some background music. To avoid paying for any royalty free music I made this simple loop, and this become very useful ever since it’s first creation.