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Editing Work

Along with VFX and animation, I’ve also done edits of other videos. Some of these edits include some VFX, however these are mostly clips edited down together in either mine or other people’s projects. All is done using “Adobe Premiere Pro”.

L.I.AM – ‘NOT RIGHT’ (Music Video)

The Second project I’ve worked on with L.I.AM, this video was all filmed within 1 day and over a months worth of editing work. This project also was filmed by Fardin Rahman of Ten Ten media. To fit the title the effects use in this project was much more substantial than other projects i’ve done before. It turned out extremely well despite the limited filming time, and is a big step up from the previous project. I also created the album art and youtube thumbnail as well as various promos throughout the promotional phase. The tune this time was produced by Art Aknid.

Blackpool Sixth Form Oscars 2019 Montage

Because of my work with the oscars in 2018, for the 2019 college oscars (which I received 5 nominations and 2 awards) I was asked to edit together a montage of all the best films from all the students taking Film & TV which played at the ceremony. For this montage to have the most dramatic effect I wanted to create an orchestral but also dramatic song. After partly creating the song I came across “Sing Me To Sleep” by Alan Walker and the lyrics fit perfectly with the song. Along with this edited piece I included a title card to introduce the ceremony. To keep it topical I made it themed with the Avengers, and re created the Avengers theme as well as the well known “Thor Hammer” catch with an oscar trophy, and the disintegration from Avengers Infinity War.

Fleetwood Town International Football Academy Promo

For the Corporate video unit at Sixth Form, Me and 2 others were tasked with creating a promo for the new programme from Fleetwood Town FC, which trains international students to hopefully become professional footballers. Over multiple filming days we all got a variety of different training footage, gym footage, match footage, and organised interviews with a mic setup with the players, coach and the operations manager. As their request, I created custom music which matched the tune to “Together In Electric Dreams” but also fit the corporate video music style. I also created the motion graphics from only the logo which was done via masking and element re creation, however the main sequential editing was carried out by another member of the group.

“Reach For The Stars” Album by St Chads Primary

As a final work experience project before leaving my Sixth Form, I was asked to film the children of St Chads Primary whilst they recorded their album. I did this filming with assistance and from the many hours of footage produced I created and edited together this promotional video to advertise the Album on sale to the parents. This edit involves some 3D Tex work as well as other graphical and sequential editing techniques.

‘Fighting’ Music video

A college exam project, where we given the brief to make a piece of media which expresses how music impacts a youth subculture. For this I decided to go for a music video to show off my musical talents as well as editing and VFX. I recorded the song and wrote over a long period of time, and implemented it into a grime music video. I went with the grime subculture as I felt it was topical to modern day, and it felt like the easiest option. All music and vocals are recorded by me, and all editing and VFX are too. This piece also got College Oscar Nominated for “Best Exam Piece”.

‘L.I.AM – REFLECTION’ Music video

A project working with a local grime artist from Fleetwood known as “L.I.AM”, with the intention of showcasing the strength of the grime scene in Fleetwood as apposed to other typical areas. Filmed over 4 days in a large variety of different locations across Fleetwood and Blackpool, using only my camera equipment including lenses, a ring light and a shoulder rig. With over 100 different shots produced, this was edited together over a long period of time between filming dates on Premiere Pro, and lip synced to the audio properly using markers, and wide use of effects using After Effects. I also created the album cover in Photoshop for sound-cloud release of the song (produced by iDP). This video also received a College Oscar nomination for “Best contribution to Sixth Media”. 

The Hardest Podcast

My most recent exam project, a multi camera production, in which we created a video podcast featuring discussions about Upcoming films, TV shows and media exposure, Modern sports cars, and upcoming games, along with 3 unique skits including “60 Second Scoop”, “Mental Maths Meltdown” and “What’s on Dom’s Drive”. This project was very well thought out and planned by our group, with my contributions including editing, music composition, motion graphic composition, audio co ordination, and starring in the podcast itself. This also Won a College Oscar Award for “Best Multi-camera Production” 

Day to Dave (Stop Motion)

The most recent college project, this is a mashup of multiple different types of Stop Motion Animation, “Claymation”, “Pixilation”, “Cutout” and “2D Animation”. With the help from one college friend, we were given the task of creating a stop motion episode of a children’s show, which could lead on to multiple more episodes, create a brand identity, and where there is an easy to understand moral of the story. This piece received a College Oscar Award for “Best Stop Motion Animation”, and was created using Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, and a lot of clay, cardboard and paper. This also features voice acting from our College Tutor, and Method Acting from our Pastoral Mentor, whom this piece was based off. This also includes a piece of original composition.

Element 174 (Sci Fi)

Another early college project, where we given the task to make a short fiction film with a genre of choice. This film, as it is a sci fi, does consist of a significantly large use of VFX done in After Effects. Receiving help from 6 other friends as actors and as camera crew, this project also got College Oscar Nominated in 2 categories; “Best Fiction Film” and I received the award, for “Best Editor”. This was edited together again using Premiere Pro and includes all original music composition by me, with some custom 3D titling.

Itsy Bitsy (Film Noir)

An early college project, based on the nursery rhyme “Itsy Bitsy”, starring yours truly. With assistance from 4 other friends, we created this piece within a month long period, which then got College Oscar Nominated for “Best Film Noir”. Edited together using Premiere pro with a substitute 3D modelled and textured telephone, as we could not find the specific prop in time. This project includes one piece of original composition, which is based on the original Itsy Bitsy Nursery Rhyme.

Derelict Earth

A 23 minute long short film written and created by a film group I’m in called Scarlet Sun Studios. An older project which we entered into a film festival, where I first tested out my skills at VFX and first experimented with Adobe Premiere Pro, and also starred me as the lead role. This project was done during our GCSE exam period, as we entered this into a College Film Festival which happened to be on the day of one of our exams. Also features all original composition and some original 3D modelling.

Who Framed The Painter?

One of the first short films created by Scarlet Sun Studios, this was created and entered into a film festival back in late 2016, and was the first test of our camera work and editing skills. For this project, I used Final Cut Pro X to edit, but still After Effects for VFX and titles. This also stars me as a supporting role, and features all original composition created by me.