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Animation Work

Over the past few years I developed my work with animation using a variety of different software. Recently I have been using “Adobe After Effects” with a variety of different plugins to create some interesting different Animation Pieces.

Mechanical Intro

A tester project I decided to do, after learning and mastering Element 3D V2 within After Effects. It involves rigging, animating, and VFX. This project also includes original sound design and music composition, which I completed myself within Logic Pro X.

Oscars Intro

A promotional video I was asked to do for my college, to promote our college Oscars event we had (which I was nominated for 6 times and won 2 awards). This involves using Element 3D V2 within After effects with some mild Modelling which I did in MAYA to create stage lighting. A variety of other plugins were used to create the VFX, and I used a royalty free oscars model which I then retextured properly to create the metallic effect. I again created original music and sound design for this project. To get in time with the music, I used a technique in which I exported the original composition in 120FPS, and set every cut to have the exact same frame count. This then meant I could re time the entire composition to match to the length of the song I created afterwards.


What originated as an early college side task, turned into something bigger. After handing in, I took it a step further and added alot more visual effects. Created in my early days of After Effects, but still used basic Element 3D with royalty free models, and a combination of a variety of other plugins. For this project I used a song called “Surreal” as I felt it fit perfectly with the style of video.

Audio Visualiser Test (2017)

What I used to test out early audio visualising using the plugin “Sound Keys”. I used my logo and one of my older original songs, and the results were promising.

Defected 3D Audio Visualiser

As part of a job, I wanted to show off some skills I had with 3D Animation and audio visualisation. So using some assets and the name of the company, I created a 3D Audio Visualisation using Element 3D and Sound Keys.